Expectation Hurts

A walk through the meadows

On a full moon night.

What I see is some shadows,

I know not, if it’s right.

I see a boy and a dog

In the midst of the fog.

I hear not what they are saying

Maybe they must be playing.

But I wonder, why this night?

Maybe something is not right.

I went closer, to talk to the boy

Only to find, he is in no joy.

What I learnt later is sad.

He had a day, which was bad.

He did fail in the test;

And so barred from the fest.

He failed to his father’s expectations

And thus he lost his hope.

Barred from the celebrations,

As the father thinks, he has no scope.

The boy reminds me of my own

As was thinking myself to be a clown.

Gave the boy a piece of advice

To check his work and revise.

‘Expectation hurts’, as someone said,

But there’s debt to be paid.

With failures, there’s lesson to be learnt

And not let destiny be turned.

Hold the reigns, as we must go on

To sing the songs of life, on and on.

This poem is based on Hengki Lee’s photo Never Ending Story.


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